Kids Singing Clubs

Rebecca runs clubs at several schools in London. Similar to Glee Clubs, we cover all different styles – jazz, gospel, classical, swing, pop – songs from every decade – including war songs from the 1910 and 1940s; gospel songs from pre-civil war America; the sixties – a musical history lesson!


(See artist list below or for a full repertoire programme for Terms I-III for Junior and Senior choirs get in touch to access Parent and Teachers Only page)

The cost of a School Club is £130 per one hour session. This includes the choir master, a professional pianist (both have their DBS of course). It costs more if church hall is required.

A minimum of 12 children is recommended for such an after club. (Fee is negotiable if required during school hours).

We learn 15 songs per term. 9-12 of which we perform at an end of term concert. Such tra la las as:

Warmups: Do Re Mi…
Rounds: London’s Burning, Kookaburra, Hey Ho…
Vera Lynn War Songs
Gospel songs
Andrew Sisters
Louis Prim
Al Jolsen
Dean Martin
Mamas and Papas
The Beatles
David Bowie
Songs from all the musicals of course! The Jungle Book, Sound of Music, JC Superstar, Oliver…
A few hymns (which are deliberately reworded so the
y are non-denominational)
Bruno Mars
Traditional Folk
Pharell Williams
David Bowie
Mungo Jerry
Tony Orland (yes the sixties well and truly!)
Davy Jones
Bobby McFerrin…
…indeed! just to name a few!